Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

Local Missions

Fostering Collective

The Fostering Collective exists to recruit and shepherd Christ-centered families in East Texas to bring hope to children in foster care. The Fostering Collective helps connect individuals and churches with the resources, guidance, and answers they need to change the lives of children from hard places.

Hunger For Love

Join us the third Friday of every month as we pack lunches for Hunger for Love. The mission of Hunger for Love is to show God's love by fostering relationships and making disciples with the homeless community of Tyler, as well as, the most marginalized and under-resourced families in our community.

Foreign Missions

Global Heart Ministries

GHM creates Christ-centered satellite television programming in the heart languages of the people groups of the Middle East and Central Asia, featuring hosts from these regions. Our Pastor Training and multi-lingual websites advance the Gospel message through church planting and discipleship.

The Ghrist Family

The Ghrist Family (Josh, Maggie, Matthew, Caleb, and Jordan) serve in Mombasa, Kenya where Josh is the Mission Director for  Lighthouse for Christ Missions. Lighhouse for Christ exists to glorify God by healing both physical and spiritual blindness in East Africa.

The Elliott Family

The Elliott Family (Brian and Amanda) serve at Grace International School in Chian Mai, Thailand.  By serving the families of Grace through Brian’s roles the Elliott’s support 350+ ministries throughout the 10/40 window, which is home to 95% of all unreached people groups.

The Bush Family

Adam, Nicole, Ellison, Tristan, and Ashland are friends of The Branch serving the Lord in East Asia. Due to their unique set of circumstances we would prefer not to share any more information.

The Guevara Family

The Guevara Family (Guillermo and Emily) share God's love with locals and immigrants and build disciples. These believers will return and transform their home communities in Western Europe and across the world. Through cultural centers the Guevara’s give classes to fulfill a community need while building relationships for the larger purpose of sharing the Gospel and disciple making.

Church Planters

The Green Family

The Anding Family

The Green Family (Josh, Amy, Garrett, and Natalie) live in Northern Colorado where Josh is preparing to plant Living Rock Church of Severance. The Branch has partnered with the Green Family as they work to reach Northern Colorado with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
The Anding Family (Lance, Brianna, Lydia, and Eden) are soon moving to Bar Nunn, Wyoming  where Lance will serve as the Associate Pastor of Outfitter Church. The Branch has partnered with the Anding Family as they work to reach Wyoming with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Encourage our active missionaries

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